Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What's this bowling all about?
A: Here is the current season Team Booklets which highlight and explain everything about Hump Day Bowlers.  Please find most everything you need to know to bowl well, make new friends, and have a great bowling season.  Click this LINK to view the PDF. 

Q: What's the Strike Pot?
A: The Strike Pot is a chance to win some money.  You buy 1 ticket for a dollar, or 6 tickets for $5.  If your ticket is called, you roll one ball to try and get a strike.  If you get a strike, the money in the pot is yours.  If you don't, you'll receive $1 for every pin knocked down

Q: What time is bowling?
A: Wednesdays at 7:30PM is a 10-minute warm-up.  The league starts promptly at 7:40PM each week.  Each team bowls 3 games each week and lasts until 9-9:30PM.

Q: How much does it cost to bowl?
A: The cost per team is $48 per week (2017-2019 season).  This works out to be $16 per person.  If you bowl short a member one week, the team is still responsible for the entire $48.  Shoes can be rented from the front desk.

Q: How many people are on a team?
A: A team can be up to 6 people, but only 3 people bowl each week.  Some people bowl every week, some take turns bowling every other week.  That's up to you.  There's also a list of substitute bowlers available to everyone each week. 

Q: Are there any other fees?
A: Every league bowler is required to pay a one-time $21 USBC Sanction Fee (2018-2019 season).  This covers US Bowling Congress administration, USBC patches, awards and other items.  If you bowl in other leagues, this fee is only paid once.  We are also IGBO members and the league pays that fee for everyone. 

Q: But I'm a bad bowler.  There's some really good bowlers.  Am I always going to look bad?
A: And that's why this is a handicapped-scoring league.  That means your average + a handicap score is added to your total pins each week.  So, if you're a not-so-good bowler, you have a high handicap score added to your total.  If you're a good bowler, your handicap is lower.  Everyone's on an even playing field. 

Q: How long does the season last ?
A: The season goes through March/beginning of April.  We have a couple weeks off from bowling around Thanksgiving and the Christmas season.  The season's divided into 3 sessions with trimester champs for each and then the final week is a league championship. 

USBC Mythbusters

  • A team or individual can prebowl for the first league session, if prebowling is allowed.
  • You are not allowed to clean your bowling ball with nail polish removers. They change the hardness of the ball.
  • You can substitute a bowler during a game, but they cannot return to the game.
  • Players can be added to a team roster only during the first 2 trimesters, unless approved by Board.