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Hump Day Bowlers Banquet & Awards Night - Re-scheduled!!!

Our Banquet & Awards Night at Honey has been re-scheduled to this coming Wednesday, April 18th beginning at 7:30PM
We'll have some great appetizers served that night and a full bar will be available also.  Come have some fun, win some awards and cash. 
Please bring one raffle prize per team - no more than $25.  Everyone is eligble to win a prize. 

Congrats to Menage a Trois - Trimester 3 Champions

There was some high rolling this week, not just for this team, but for all the teams.  But SnapCat, Alan, & Oliver came out on top with a decisive win tonight with all 7 points.  Congrats to them for winning Trimester 3.  Next week will be the League Roll-Off Championship with each Trimester winner (Snakes on a Lane, Drink and Be Mary, and Menage a Trois) and the Wild Card Team which is Receiving Department.  They had a total of 108 total points won during the year, without winning a trimester. 

Thanks to everyone for some great fun at the 2017 Banquet & Awards Night at Jax Cafe.  Congrats to all our winners.  Here is the slide show from the banquet, recapping some of the last 15 great seasons of the Hump Day Bowlers League. Score Recaps from the last night 9-Pin Blind Doubles Bowl are now posted HERE

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