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Hump Day Bowling season is wrapping up. 

And we only have 3 weeks remaining for the 2018-2019 year. Trimester 3 Position Round is still an unknown.  Will your team be the Wild Card Team!  They are the team with the most points won during the entire year; but have not won a Trimester.  Those four teams will bowl in our League Roll-Off Championship on April 10th.   And on the final night, those not in the Roll-Offs are all welcome to bowl a Fun 9-Pin Bowl.  Even if you have more than 3 people on your team, everyone will be able to bowl the last night.  Special bowling  night with money to the winners.

Last Night Celebration - April 10, 2019

This year we will celebrate another great league season on the last night of bowling, April 10th.  There were many reasons for not having a special banquet & awards night - smaller number of teams and bowlers, our extended season because of that frigid night, and other local events causing conflicts.  But it'll still be a lot of fun.  First thing - everyone, all our league members are invited for the last night of bowling.  If your team is not in the Roll-Off Championship, there will be a 9-Pin Fun Bowl for everyone else.  Cash prizes to the top blind-doubles bowlers.  And there will be food and beverage for all that night.  Plans are being finalized with Concord Lanes, but for now plan on coming hungry and ready to have some fun.  And we'll celebrate the season with all the awards and prizes handed out the final night.  And don't forget Raffle Prizes - we hope each team can donate one prize item.  And the league will bring some along for everyone also.

All teams should be paid in full this week

League Bylaws dictate teams need to be paid current, including pre-payment for the final 2 weeks of bowling.  This is the last night all payments are due for the season.  Be sure to be paid in full.

Don't forget Bowling tonight!

Bowling's for everyone - young, old, athletic, book reader, boys or girls.  If you're looking for a great activity for birthday parties, family reunions, or a romantic night with your beau - don't forget bowling.