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Hump Day Bowlers - Position Round

The Hump Day Bowlers League is split into 3 Trimesters with a Position Round every 9 weeks.  The team with the greatest total points won is declared Trimester Champion.  So every pin counts each week in determining who wins.  On week 9, the team with the highest # of points, bowls the team with the 2nd highest # of points.  The 3rd place team bowls, the team with the 4th highest # of points, etc.  During Week 9 Position Round, there is no pre-bowling for any team that is in contention for winning that Trimester.  So make sure to plan ahead.  Trimester 1 Position Round is Wednesday, November 8th.

Thank you to Midway ProBowl for 15 great years hosting the Hump Day Bowlers League

We've enjoyed many fun times at Midway ProBowl over the years.  We want to extend a very heartful thank you to Midway ProBowl, Scott & Al, all the staff that have helped and served us throughout the years.  You were always a part of the Hump Day Bowlers League and we are grateful for everything.  We hope to continue those friendships for many years.    Midway ProBowl Statement.

Thanks to everyone for some great fun at the 2017 Banquet & Awards Night at Jax Cafe.  Congrats to all our winners.  Here is the slide show from the banquet, recapping some of the last 15 great seasons of the Hump Day Bowlers League. Score Recaps from the last night 9-Pin Blind Doubles Bowl are now posted HERE

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